Yes, SquaD is completely FREE to use!

Creating a SquaD is quick and easy:

  • Click on the main SquaD ‘S’ Button
  • Select ‘Create a new SquaD’.
  • Choose the type of SquaD you want to create (Example: Football)
  • Enter your SquaD details and create!

Yes, you can create as many SquaDs as you need!

Inviting members to join is super easy and can be done by sharing your SquaD’s link, this can be sent via, text WhatsApp or email.

  • Once you create a SquaD you will be given the option to “invite member”
  • From here you can copy your SquaDs link and sent it out to individuals or share it to your team through either text, email, WhatsApp, Facebook.
  • AND
  • You can always invite more members to your SquaD once created by going into the ‘Invite Members section’ of your SquaD, here you will find the invite link.

Yes, privacy is a priority for us and our users. Every user has the option to switch their profile to ‘Private’.
Private means anyone you don’t allow to follow you, can’t see your profile.

  • On your main player profile page click the edit button
  • Change ‘Account Privacy’ to ‘Private’.

When you create a SquaD, you are automatically given admin rights, this means you can:

  • Create/Edit Events (Upcoming Matches or Training).
  • Add/edit player statistics.
  • Accept/Reject any requests to join the SquaD.
  • Nudge unresponsive users.
  • Select your team for an event.

When other members join your SquaD they will not be able to do the above, unless you make them an admin.

This is to keep admins in control of the SquaDs schedule and information.

Yes, we understand that multiple people can be in charge of running a SquaD like managers, coaches and team assistants.

Once the SquaD has been created it’s possible to allocate admin rights to multiple users help organise the SquaD.

  • 1. Go into the member section of the SquaD.
  • 2. Find the member(s) you want to make an admin of this SquaD.
  • 3. Press the down arrow on the member and select ‘make an admin’.

Only admins of each SquaD are able to create events.

  • In the SquaD schedule click the + button
  • Select the type of event you are creating (Example: Match, Training, Social)
  • Enter the event details
  • Create

Events can also be created directly from the ‘My Schedule’ page in the same way.

To edit or delete an event once it’s been created:

  • Click into the event details
  • Click the edit (Pencil) button in the top right
  • Here you can either edit and save OR delete the event

Once an event has been created, you will see the event icon in your schedule.

The event will give you options to Accept, Decline and View the event.

Yes, we understand that life is hectic and things can change, so being able to change your response to an event is a must have!

  • Find and select the event you wish to change availability for.
  • You will see a green tick (available) & red cross (unavailable).
  • By clicking on these, your availability status will change.

Statistics can be viewed in 2 ways:

SquaD Statistics
This shows the statistics of all members of a SquaD:

  • This can be found in the SquaD members sections.
  • Click the options button (3 dots).
  • Select Statistics.

Individual Statistics

This shows the statistics of one player only.

  • Each player has ‘Stats’ that can be found on their individual profile.

Only SquaD admins can enter statistics, this can be done in 2 ways;

Through ‘Match Report’

  • Once a ‘Match’, ‘Friendly Match’ Or ‘Cup Match’ event has been created, there is a ‘Match Report’ button at the bottom of the details.
  • Here you can enter the player statistics which will add to the SquaD statistics and individual player profiles.

Through SquaD Statistics

  • This can be found in the SquaD ‘members’ sections.
  • Click the options button (3 dots).
  • Select Statistics.
  • Here you can find and edit the statistics of each individual member.

All statistics entered through Match Reports will be added to the SquaD statistics.

Yes, we believe notifications can be extremely useful when organising/communicating amongst your SquaD.

We would recommend users have them on so they don’t miss out on any events or information.

Whilst we believe notifications are an important part of SquaD, we understand not all users will want to experience them.

To turn notifications off:

  • Click the settings button found on your profile
  • At the top, there is a switch to turn off notifications.

Our main priorities we had when creating SquaD was to increase organisation and communication among players whilst creating additional time and reducing stress for managers/coaches.

We know first-hand how hard organising a SquaD can be, we have worked with managers across the UK to develop an all-in-one application to make it easy and fun for both players and manager.

You are able to create custom events specific for training, matches, gatherings and other activities.

Players have their own profiles to share posts, statistics, photos and videos with their teammates.

Research suggest that Squad app has alleviated a lot of time for managers organising events throughout the season.

You can search for SquaDs that have already been made by

  • Click the SquaD ‘S’ button.
  • Click ‘Join SquaD’.
  • Search for the SquaD you are looking for.
  • Select Join.

This will send a request to the administrator of the SquaD, they can then either ccept or reject your request to join.

If you have tried to manually search for a specific SquaD and cannot find it, the administrator of the SquaD can send you a link to join.


  • Click on the squad you want to leave.
  • Click the option button (three dots in the top right corner).
  • Select ‘Leave Squad’

So, you want to get rid of someone!

  • Go into the member section of the SquaD.
  • Find the member(s) you want to remove.
  • Press the down arrow on the member and select ‘remove’.

Yes, only a SquaD admin can delete a SquaD.

  • Click on the squad you want to delete.
  • Click the option button (three dots in the top right corner).
  • Select ‘Delete Squad’

SquaD implements policies and procedures to adhere to its obligations under the GDPR. For any further details on your data and how it’s handled you can read more in our privacy policy.

SquaD values your privacy and the security of your data is extremely important to us.

To enable SquaD to offer its services to you, it sometimes needs to share some of the data collated by the SquaD App with third parties. These third parties only use the data shared with them in connection with providing the SquaD App services to you, they are not able to use your data for their benefit

We hate to lose a team member, but in the event, you would like to delete your profile:

  • Go into the settings found on your profile page.
  • Find and select ‘Delete Account’.

If you email we will try to answer any queries you have.

SQUAD Inc LTD is a limited company registered in England and wales with registered company number 12821368 with its
registered office at 8 forsells End, Houghtan On The Hill, Leicester, LE7 9HQ,